Prototype Design


This work package investigates the integration of all the hardware and software modules which comprise the SYMBIOSIS opto-acoustic array (Task 5.1). Task 5.2 then deploys the array in laboratory pool and then in a relatively deep-water lake (~50 m) for investigation of the preliminary design, e.g. real-time implementation of the developed methods and power consumption of developed hardware in different operation modes. As part of this task, the capabilities and features of the array will be enhanced over time according to a spiral model, to incorporate recent technological advancements developed both within and outside the project. At this stage the opto-acoustic array will operate with a physical model of the main processing unit (emulating its main functions), as well as with a physical model of the radio link (emulating connection between the mooring and a shore station). These physical models will help to develop a gluing module of SYMBIOSIS infrastructure implementing all data exchange protocols for later integration of the opto-acoustic array with the corresponding equipment (main processing, radio link units, battery pack) on-board of prepared and moored platform of the end-user. Task 5.3 implements this gluing module in field, providing the interconnection of the SYMBIOSIS opto-acoustic array to on-shore facilities, allowing to collect and synchronously process acoustic data streams on-board of the main processing unit, to process optical images and then transfer to the shore processed and compressed results. Also, personnel of the sore station will have a bidirectional access to all acoustic and optical devices for adjusting their parameters and thus conducting various experiments. Task 5.4 consists in complete deployment, testing and experimental evaluation of all SYMBIOSIS infrastructure with the twofold objective to drive iterative refinements of the solutions, and to identify, by testing complete solutions into marine environment, the needed informative results which can drive final improvements in the field.