Project Management


Description of work

The project management WP will be in charge of coordinating the work, report to the EC and manage budget and deviations. The management structure will have a technical and administrative manager responsible of ensuring the daily management operation applying proven methods and procedures. Management will have a hierarchy, which will consist of a management responsible, management team with the main representatives of each organisation, a core-working group, and the work package leaders. The management will be supported by well-tested communications tools, quality procedures and risk and contingency measures. The project will create and maintain a flow of information and publicity concerning the concept, objectives, development and results of the project. The tasks of the WP will include:

T1.1) Organisation of periodical consortium meeting, including a kick-off meeting

T1.2) Contract administration (including consortium agreement)

T1.3) Financial administration and liaison with the Commission

T1.4) Solution of conflicts and overcoming problems that may arise in the course of the project

T1.5) Reporting of project meetings

T1.6) Dissemination and Communication including preparing a dissemination plan, establishing a project brand identity and the project’s website, and preparing a business plan for the

T1.7) Dissemination activities including presentations at scientific conferences, joint workshops, press releases, publications in peer reviewed journals etc.

T1.8) Production of management reports and integrated cost statements

T1.9) Processing deliverables through the project QA procedures and submitting to the EC

T1.10) Creation and maintenance of a project management guide, including quality assurance procedures for the production of reports and other required deliverables;