ASUNA: A Topology Dataset for Underwater Network Emulation

We report the details of ASUNA, a freely shared dataset for underwater network emulation (ASUNA). ASUNA tackles the time-consuming and costly logistics of multiple underwater networking sea trials by providing a benchmark database of time-varying network topologies recorded across multiple sea experiments, thus facilitating experiment replay and network emulation. The ASUNA database currently includes 20 diverse, time-varying topology structures, multimodal communication technologies, and different link quality measurements. With the aim of becoming a standard benchmark, ASUNA is open to extensions as new data becomes available from the underwater communications community. We provide the details of ASUNA structure, the list of recorded topologies, as well as examples of how to use the database as part of an emulation system to test the performance of two scheduling protocols. We freely share the database and the emulation code both through a web server and via the Code Ocean repository.
IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering
Published on
December 2019